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Monofilament Alignment Band for 1 5/8" Line Posts and Access Gates


SKU: DE8468-01

Alignment bands are the easiest and most reliable way to run tension wires along your fence line. These clamps are superior to traditional attachment methods such as self-locking ties and other collars since they allow the tension wires additional freedom of movement side to side along the fence line. This is important in distributing the force of an impact on the fence from deer, other wildlife, and falling tree limbs, preventing damage to your fence line. As an added benefit, the clamps can still be used as an upgraded attachment method for the top of your fencing to prevent the fencing from sliding down the posts over time. You can attach the fencing to the clamps even if tension wire is not used for your installation. These clamps for tension wires are completely adjustable and can be placed anywhere along the corner or end posts. We recommend using the clamps at the top and bottom of the fence. In areas with heavy deer pressure where a third center tension wire is being used, clamps should be installed at this height as well. Installation is a breeze compared to other wire attachment collars. The clamp tightens to the post without the need for specific wrenches and requires no nuts or washers to hold everything in place. Simply place the clamp at the desired height and turn the eye bolt to tighten. 

Monofilament Alignment Band for 1 5/8" Line Posts and Access Gates




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