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REDI Gas Powered Post Driver


SKU: RD2000

REDI Gas Powered Post Drivers are revolutionary fence installation tools that eliminate pain and strain from trying to drive fence posts into tough soil. Instead of hammering away to install one of our heavy duty round fence posts, ground sleeves, or angle steel posts, simply position this fuel-powered post driver over the post and let the machine do all of the work. This lightweight and portable post driver tool features a powerful 4 stroke Honda engine that will make 1720 strikes per minute! The spring isolated handle grips will control vibration against your hands, and with one gallon of gas, you’ll be able to drive up to 1,000 posts. To safely and effectively install any fence posts or ground sleeves with this tool, you will need to purchase the 2” Barrel Reducer or 3”Barrel. You will also need to use drive caps (one for every 21 posts) with our heavy duty round posts to protect them from damage. If installing ground sleeves, we recommend that you dig a small hole (3-4”) to allow for the REDI post gas driver to drive the ground sleeve flush with the ground.   

1 post pounder

JOULES: 26 VIBRATION CONTROL: Spring isolated handle grips FUEL CONSUMPTION: 0.71 L/h STARTING SYSTEM: Pull Start ENGINE WARRANTY: Genuine Honda Warranty DRIVER WARRANTY: 1 year parts failure NOISE LEVELS: >100 db


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