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2' x 100' Poly Extension Kit For Existing Fence (Wood/PVC/Metal)


SKU: DC1102
Add 2' of fence extension to your existing wooden three board fence, aluminum fence, split rail fence or privacy fence. Useful as an alternative to a full height deer fence when you already have an existing fence in good condition. Adding fence extender height using a deer fence extension will create an effective barrier against deer pressure without the additional cost of replacing an entire fence. Using this extension kit will raise the overall height of a 4' fence to 6'. Two 1 3/8" round post sections attach to your existing wooden posts using wood screws and two brackets. The poly mesh material is unrolled along this structure to complete the extension. Select the optional gate kit if you need to span the top of a gate along your fence. The gate kit includes two additional extensions and the proper mounting hardware. It is designed to be used with your kit and does not include fencing material. 

1 4' x 100' Heavy Duty Poly Fence 

1 8" Self-locking ties

100 Pack 12" Cap Insert Vinyl for 1 3/8" Post       

12  3' x 1 3/8" posts with mounting plate

Attachment Hardware (U-Bolts or Screws Depending on Post Type)  

Easy to follow written installation instructions

2' of fence extension will raise the overall height of a 4' fence to 6. 

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