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Deer Repellent Dispensor - Garden Scent- Ry 2 pk


SKU: DEE-2068

The Garden Scent-Ry units are a type of animal repellent that can be staked in the ground, set on a hard surface, or hung from a tree. Whether you are attempting to repel deer, woodchucks, rabbits, cats, skunks, or other wildlife, the Garden Scent-Ry deer repellent will provide you with a safe place to apply your Deerfence all-natural wolf and coyote animal urine. After all, deer fear wolves and coyotes more than any other wild predator. Each Garden Scent-Ry measures 6" x 9" inches in diameter when staked in the ground, and has a 50 foot radius coverage area.

2 pack dispensor

USE ON: The ground, on hard surfaces or trees DISPENSE: Animal Repellents such as coyote or wolf pee MEASURES: 6" x 9" inches when in the ground RADIUS: 50 foot coverage

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