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Electric Poultry Netting 10/40/3.5 Green 164 ft


SKU: DEE-3056

In addition to chickens, electric netting can also be used to contain livestock animals including sheep, goats and pigs. The jolt from the electric fencing will remind them not to leave the fence line. To prevent the fence from sagging, all vertical lines are constructed from a semi-rigid material. Graduated spacing, which starts from 3" high at the base of the fence, and 8" at the top, will provide added security. Double step-in posts are built into the netting; so, no additional ground stakes are needed. 10/40/3.5 = 10 horizontal lines, 40" height, 3.5" vertical line spacing. A .25 joule low- impedance electric fence charger is recommended for each roll of netting used. (Example: 4 nets connected together requires 1 joule charger).

Includes 164' 


  • 10 Horizontal Lines, 40" Height
  • Graduated Line Spacing -- 3" at the bottom, 8" at the top
  • Built-in posts

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