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3' x 150' Steel Hex Rabbit Fence Kit


SKU: DE4296

Our steel hex web rabbit fence kits include everything that you will need to assemble a basic enclosure around your garden to protect plants from rabbit damage. Use this garden fence for rabbit control to make a small enclosure, add to an existing fence, or combine with another kit to create the fence installation that works best for you. Steel Hex kits provide maximum protection from chewing through than other fencing options.

This fence kit for rabbit control in gardens includes:   (1) 3' x 150' Steel Hex Web Fence; (14) 4' x 1 5/8” pipes,  (3’ above ground), (14) 1 5/8" ground sleeves, (14) 1 5/8" Vinyl Post Caps, (1) 1 5/8" Driver Cap for driving ground sleeves, (2) 8" Self Locking UV treated Ties - 100pk, (2) 12" Kinked Ground Stakes - 30pk.

Add corners when your fence line is going to curve at a 45° angle or more. This will provide increased fence stability. Add ends when your fence line is going to end at an existing structure; such as a house, barn or another fence. Add a tension kit to increase the stability and structure of your fence line, giving added strength to the fence to protect against downed tree limbs and inclement weather. Add a gate so that you, or your equipment, may move in and out of the fence line with ease.  *Selecting additional options will change what is included with this Fence Kit. Base options listed.  

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