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150' Rabbit Fence Kit



Gardeners experiencing small critter damage in the garden need to invest in DeerFence rabbit-proof fence. The complete 150' Rabbit Fence Kit includes everything you need to install a rodent-free fence enclosure to keep out bunnies, groundhogs and other nibbling rodents. The 150' rabbit fence kits for sale on come with one roll of our bestselling steel hex web fencing that is chew-proof, virtually invisible and strong enough to last 20-30 years in the field. The Rabbit Fencing also comes with fence posts, drive caps, and ground stakes to maximize strength and security. This is a must-have garden fence for growers who have had enough of chewing critters in the vegetable garden! 

1 Steel Hex Web Blk PVC Coated Fence - 2' x 150'

1  1 3/8" Drive cap

1  8" Self-locking ties, pack of 100      

2  12" Kinked ground stakes 30 pack 

14 Cap Insert Vinyl for 1 3/8" Post

14  Black Ground sleeve for 1 3/8" post    

14 3.5' or 4.5' or 5.5' x 1 5/8" posts  

Easy to follow written installation instructions *adding options will change what is included. Base kit items shown.

150' length; Lasts 20-30 years, chew-proof against critters such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer.

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