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Tick Key Tick Remover Tool, 1 Pk


SKU: TK2000

Ticks are most active in late spring-early summer when the temperature rises. Gardeners, hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, along with their pets, are at particular risk of tick infections (Lyme Disease, Pow Virus, Bourbon Virus) while in woody or grassland areas where ticks thrive. If bitten by a tick, turn to the Tick Key Tick Remover Tool for help.The Tick Key is 99.9 percent effective for tick removal after a tick bite. The tick tool is made from high-strength anodized aluminum that is lightweight and compact, fitting easily on key chains, in wallets, pockets or purses. This tick remover device is easy to use: simply place the tool around the tick, use forward motion to lift the head and body straight up, and take the tick to the doctor for identification. If a 'Bulls-Eye' marking is found on your skin, consult a doctor right away and be tested for Lyme Disease. 

Tick Keys come one in a pack in a variety of colors. Online and phone orders that do not specify a color in the 'Notes' section will receive a color at random.

1 tick remover tool

Made from high-strength anodized aluminum, available in a variety of colors

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