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6' x 150' Steel Hex Deer Fence Kit


SKU: 20SH611-150-NO

Our virtually invisible steel hex web deer fence kits include everything that you will need to assemble a basic enclosure around your yard or garden. Use this metal deer fence enclosure kit to make a small garden fence, add to an existing fence, or combine this kit with another kit to create the installation that works best for you. Steel Hex provide maximum garden protection against deer, rabbits and other small critters that attempt to chew through traditional fences.

This Fence Kit includes:  

(1) 6' x 150' Steel Hex Web Fence

(14) 7' x 1 5/8” pipes  (7.5’ above ground)

(14) 1 5/8" ground sleeves

(14) 1 5/8" Vinyl Post Caps 

(1) 1 5/8" Driver Cap for driving ground sleeves 

(2) 8" Self Locking UV treated Ties - 100pk 

(1) 12" Kinked Ground Stakes - 30pk  

Virtually Invisible, lasts 20-30 years, PVC-coated galvanized metal

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