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Wild Hog Electric Fence (250')


SKU: DEE-3070H-Plug-In-1

The baited electric fence kit will keep feral pigs out of farms and pastures. Not only is electric fencing strong against deer and bears, but it is the best fence type for wild hog management. The single strand poly wire is baited to lure the hog to the fence instead of your garden. Once the feral pig touches the bait, they are delivered a corrective shock to deter them from the area. The baits should be refilled every 3 months for maximum effectiveness. 

  (1)      Energizer
  (1)      250' Poly Wire
  (1)      Case of Deer Pops and Bait Lure
  (1)      Ground Rod
  (1)      Drive Rod
(12)      4' Support Posts 
(12)      Insulators
  (1)      Warning Sign
  (1)      Light Tester

250' of electric fence with single strand poly wire

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