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Armadillos are mainly found in southern states, most notably in Texas; but have also been found in Nebraska and parts of Florida.

Armadillos may look innocent, but they can be destructive in gardens just like other types of wildlife. They were first discovered in the Lone Star state in the 1850s and have since been found in nearby south-central areas scouting for invertebrates and termites.  

Armadillos have poor eyesight and rely mainly on their sense of smell. For this reason, they burrow and create tunnel systems to reach food sources and to avoid predators. Predators that eat armadillos include: bears, coyotes, wolves, hawks, raccoons and bobcats. When startled, armadillos can jump straight upward about three to four feet into the air. This reflex may help scare off predators in the wild. 

Because digging is the issue, it is recommended that gardeners build a steel fence in 3-4 foot heights to halt action from the armadillo.

Tip: Gardeners will need to trench the fence 12-18 inches in the ground for best results. 

Metal rodent barrier fences with PVC-coating protect the steel material from corrosion and chew marks from animals. This type of fence will not only stop armadillos but will also stop groundhogs and rabbits from burrowing underneath the fence.