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Tree Protection

Tree wraps are recommended for young trees to avoid deer rutting throughout the year. 

Bucks gather thick dried velvet on their antlers by the end of summertime. The velvet is unsightly, uncomfortable and unattractive. Because deer want to attract lady doe deer in the fall for mating season, male deer rub their antlers against trees to mark their scent for female deer and remove the dried velvet. When this action persists, they damage trees, removing the cambium layer of the tree (where nutrients rush throughout the tree). The tree can no longer successfully grow once the cambium layer is destroyed.'s tree wrap is made from our toughest poly carbon fence mesh material to stop deer and other wild animals from damaging trees on lawns. These tree protection products offer a breaking strength of approximately 1400 lbs/feet to stop even the largest animal from damaging tree bark and root systems. These bark and tree guards are sure to last at least 30 years in the field. 

These tree guards are available in different sizes to offer options for growers. Shop now to save the trees from deer damage!