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Bears are a beautiful symbol of the great outdoors.

There are eight bear species in the world; but the most common bears in North America are the Black Bear and the Brown Bear.

About Black Bears

Weighing-in at 600 pounds, the North American Black Bear is the most common type of bear in the United States. Black Bears have been spotted in suburban and boreal forest regions in the States including Florida and Alaska as well as parts of Canada including British Columbia. 

Black Bear's Diet

American black bears are omnivorous eaters and enjoy eating plants, fruits, nuts, insects, honey, salmon, small mammals and carrion. In northern regions, they eat spawning salmon. Black bears will also occasionally kill young deer or moose calves.

About Brown Bears

Their cousin, the Brown Bear, roams U.S. states including Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. Brown Bears have also been spotted in parts of Canada including British Columbia and Alberta.

The largest, and most common Brown Bear is the Grizzly Bear with its concave face and wide shoulders. While this type of brown bear was historically found in the lower 48 states (California through Ohio), there aren't many to be found  - at only 1800 left in population. 

Brown Bears survive in meadows, tundra regions and dense forests.

Brown Bear's Diet

Like Black Bears, they are omnivorous; and they will eat grasses, fungi, berries, roots, seeds, honey, fish, elk and deer. 

Best Fence For Bear Management

Bears are solitary, but territorial animals; and like deer, once they establish a territory, they will not leave unless they are forced out. Because of their size, bears need to eat a lot in the summer and fall seasons in order to make it through the winter when they go into a deep sleep (but not a true hibernation). In the springtime, they will visit bee hives for fresh, all-natural honey and will stomp on vegetable and fruit gardens through the spring season into summer.

They will bulldoze through a plastic fence and other types of steel fence are simply not strong enough to stop bear damage on landscapes. This is why gardeners use electric fence for bear management. The quick jolt from the electric fencing will deter bears from pursuing gardening areas. No matter the size of the property, electric bear fence is simply the best fence type for bear control.