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Nuisance Animals

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported wildlife damage to U.S. agriculture at $944 million during 2001. Field crop losses to wildlife totaled $619 million and losses of vegetables, fruits, and nuts totaled $146 million. Who really is the culprit of all these crop losses?

It's a combination of animals.

While 94 percent of growers complain about deer damage in the garden, these free-loaders are not the only nuisance animals destroying flowerbeds. Others include: wild hogs, coyotes, raccoons, armadillos, rabbits and groundhogs. And, we know just know how to stop each one from further damaging gardens: wildlife fencing. 

Fencing out wildlife is the most effective way to rid nuisance critters from gardening areas. The fence material used, and height requirements, will depend upon each animal growers wish to keep out of their landscapes. 

Find the wild animal, or animals, that are causing the most trouble; and we will provide you with the recommended fence types based on your needs. 

Now, home growers can shop by nuisance wildlife including: