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Fence Rolls

Fence rolls create a basic garden enclosure around lawns and gardens. Rolls of fencing can be purchased in different heights and lengths from poly to metal materials. 

Poly fence mesh is a good choice for gardeners with light to moderate deer pressure in gardens. Don't let the plastic mesh material for you, poly deer fence is strong - ranging in strength grades from 650 lb/sq.ft. to 1,400 lb/sq.ft. Although this type of fencing is not chew-proof, it is guaranteed to stand tall between 10-15 years, if installed correctly.

Steel Hex Web is our bestselling metal deer fence. Known for it's virtual invisibility, Steel Hex Fence is strong enough to stop deer and types of rodents including rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and gophers. This chew-proof metal deer fence is coated in PVC to prevent chewing through the fence by white-tailed deer and small critters. You can expect Steel Hex Web to last 20-30 years in the field.

Welded Wire Fence is the best choice for gardeners who are looking for a decorative fence to match the aesthetics of their garden. Designed for maximum strength, and a modern style, our welded steel fence is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel, creating a chew-proof deer barrier that even the most determined garden critters can’t gnaw through. Even better, this type of metal garden fencing may meet pool code!*

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