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Welded Wire Rolls

For homeowners looking for a decorative deer and rodent guard fence, consider welded wire fencing.

Welded Wire Fence Rolls is made from a 19 gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel, creating a chew-resistant deer and rodent barrier that even the most determined garden critters can’t gnaw through. The PVC-coating protects the wire fencing from corrosion and other damaging weather elements. In addition to being used as a garden fence, welded wire fence may serve as a pool fence (Most state codes dictate that if you have a swimming pool, then you must have a fence surrounding the swim area. As requirements may vary, it is important that you check with your local pool and building codes to determine what does and does not constitute valid swimming pool fences in your area before installation of a welded wire fence.)

Welded Wire Fence Rolls come in different heights and styles to appeal to each gardener's unique taste. Shop now.