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Electric Fence Kits

Electric Fence is the best fence choice on the market for bear control and livestock management. 

While many growers use electric baited deer fence to deter deer from stepping onto growing areas, it is most commonly used for bear management to protect bee hives.Beekeepers with bee gardens and will need to keep close watch of their honey hives beginning in June. Late Spring through Summer is when bears are most active on landscapes in search of food. 

Additionally, chicken owners use electric fencing to protect flock members from coyotes and to secure other slow-moving livestock animals including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

Poly and metal deer fencing are not strong enough to stop bear damage in gardens; but with one zap from an electric fence, bears go running for the hills. Electric Baited Fence Kits come with everything needed to install a basic electric fence in the garden for deer and bear management.

Stop bears from destroying bee hives and vegetable gardens with electric fencing from