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Steel Hex Rolls

Not all landscape fences are best for deer management; and not all of them are nice looking on yards. This is one of the reasons why homeowners choose to install Steel Hex Web yard fencing in the garden.

Steel Hex Web Rolls combine virtual invisibility with the benefits of chew-resistant steel. 

Steel Hex Web Deer Fence is best known for its virtual invisibility in the garden. The metal fence mesh blends into landscapes from approximately 20 feet away allowing homeowners to enjoy their surroundings. This type of metal deer fence features a 20-gauge galvanized steel core with a thick protective PVC-coating creating an 18-gauge fence wire after coating. The PVC-coating is used to protect the fence from chew marks brought on by deer and small garden critters including rabbits, gophers, squirrels and groundhogs. 

For homeowners looking for a chew-resistant deer fence, choose Steel Hex Fence.