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In the world of fruit growing, it's fruit growers VS. birds.

Birds are problematic for grain, fruit and wine growers growing grapes and other select fruits in California, Michigan, New York and Oregon among other states. They are found in almost every suburban and urban area causing millions of dollars in crop damage to homes and businesses. 

While there are many types of birds, some prefer eating fruits and grains while other would rather eat flowers and the pollen and nectar from floral plants. Songbirds, such as finches and sparrows, mostly eat seeds and grains, which is why they are drawn to backyard feeders; and blackbirds eat sunflowers, sweet corn and even rice.

Blackbirds and pigeons report the most damage to agricultural crops out of all the bird species in North America. They will eat corn usually three days before picking. Annually, they cause more than $15 million in sunflower damage and $20 million in damage to corn and rice. They even enjoy eating cherries, blueberries and other bush fruits.  

And, while these numbers look bad, the American Robin is declared to be the most destructive of the bird species losing at least 13 percent of cherry crops and other fruits. 

Birds perform Arial attacks on landscapes instead of walking towards plants. For this reason, gardeners need to protect plants from bird damage from the top. To do so, they should consider a series of bird management tactics to control bird damage including bird netting, scare and sound devices and repellents. Gardeners can also use garden fence enclosures which include a top to prevent air attacks from birds. 

Pest bird damage can be stopped by these management strategies. Check out these types of garden fence enclosures now for bird control (and to rid squirrels from gardens).