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Deer Browsing In Summer

Preventing Deer Damage In Summertime

Generally speaking, summer is a challenging season for home gardeners as they battle off herds of deer on properties; but this summer will be extra difficult. Due to COVID-19, homeowners are seeing an influx of fearless deer that will venture onto home properties in both rural and urban settings - territory that deer used to avoid prior to the Coronavirus. Deer birthing season in spring is just another reason why it's homeowners vs. deer. Keep reading to learn more:

Wildlife Birthing

Deer mating season occurred in late fall; and doe are now delivering fawns. It is not uncommon to see fawns with their mothers for up to a year before they go out on their own. Doe will leave their fawns hidden away from predatory animals, including homeowners, for hours at a time to scout for food. It is advised to not approach fawns and leave them alone. They are not orphaned nor injured; and their mother is most likely near by. While fawns are safely tucked away, doe move about landscapes in the early morning and evening hours where they can scout for food in mild temperatures and go undetected by humans. 

Deer Management in Summer

Deer damage is a year-round problem that requires an effective long-term solution. The most effective means for deer control in gardens is to install a 7.5 to 8' tall deer fence surrounded by deer-resistant plants that deer hate smelling and tasting. These tactics are the best way to keep deer away from summer flowers and other crops in the garden.