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Ground Stakes 12" Kinked - 240 pk


SKU: DE2878-240

If gardeners neglect the bottom of their fence enclosure, they will discover that whitetails are slipping underneath the fence. To prevent deer and smaller critters from finding their way into flowerbeds from the bottom, it is important that the bottom edge of the fence has a stake in the ground. These 12" Kinked Ground Stakes are suitable for normal soil types, and feature a kinked design that will make any attempt to pull out the stake rather difficult. Although campers may be familiar with camping tent stakes, this type of fence stake is specifically designed for deer fencing. Each kinked ground stake is made of durable galvanized steel, and have a 1 inch J hook that will hold the bottom edge of your fence. When driven completely into the ground, these fence ground stakes will not protrude or pose a hazard to pets or people walking near the fence line. For best results, use one 12" metal ground stake every 5 feet. Pack of 240.

240, 12" Kinked Fence Stakes

For best results, space one fence stake every 5 feet. Spacing within hook measures at 1".

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