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Gripple for 12 Gauge Monofilament- 200 Count Jar


SKU: DE2842-200

A Gripple is used to connect two ends of our 12 gauge monofilament fence wire together. Using gripples provides effective tensioning on the deer fence, and ultimately, garden protection where gardeners need it most along the fence line.  This 200 count container of 12 gauge gripples is the fastest way to join tension wire for deer fencing and trellising. Gripples can be used to strengthen a field fence, terminate wire at end posts, and re-tension fence tension wire. It can also be used for 14-10 gauge smooth wire and 15.5 gauge barbed wire. It is easy to use and requires zero hand-typing or twisting of the monofilament wire. No more ratchet strainers, knots, crimps, stretchers, or come alongs! This is easy to use fence tensioning for all types of deer fence

200 gripple pieces and 1 release key

USE ON: 14-10 ga Smooth wire and 15.5 ga barbed wire USED FOR: Strengthening a field fence, terminating wire at end posts, and re-tensioning fence tension wire  



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