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3' x 100' Poly Extension Kit For Existing Fence (Wood/PVC/Metal)


SKU: DC1101

Add 3' of fence extension to your existing wooden three board fence, split rail fence, aluminum fence, chain-link fence or privacy fence. Useful as an alternative to a full height deer fence when you already have an existing fence in good condition. Adding fence extender height using a deer fence extension will create an effective barrier against deer pressure without the additional cost of replacing an entire fence. Using this extension kit on top of a 4' fence will create an overall height of 7', which is the recommended minimum height for keeping out deer.

1 3/8" round post sections attach to your existing wooden posts using wood screws and two brackets. The poly fence mesh is unrolled along this structure to complete the extension.

      4' x 100' Heavy Duty Poly Fence 
1       8" Self-locking ties, 100 Pack          
12     Cap Insert Vinyl for 1 3/8" Post       
12     4.5' x 1 3/8" posts with mounting plate
Attachment Hardware (U-Bolts or Screws Depending on Post Type)


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