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6' x 100' Heavy Duty C Flex 80 Round


SKU: DE1061

The Heavy Duty C Flex fence is made of super lightweight material, making easy to install, take down, and store. Use it as a temporary or seasonal barrier to protect your vegetable gardens, raised garden beds, shrubs and trees from the occasional deer visit. The black polypropylene material is perfect for landscaping and gardens because it is virtually invisible from just 20 feet away, so it will not create an eyesore on your property. You can expect C Flex plastic deer fencing to last 10-15 years in the field. 

1 roll of 6' x 100' TENAX C -Flex

Breaking Strength: 650 lbs/ft, Mesh Dimensions: Approx. 1.77" x 1.97",  Gram Weight: 80 Grams/m2, weight: 16

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