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  • Bears In Summertime

    Jenn Smith

    Posted on July 21 2020

    Bears In Summertime
    August is when bear sightings occur most frequently by outdoor enthusiasts as these lar...
  • Why Buy Electric Fence?

    Jenn Smith

    Posted on March 09 2020

    Why Buy Electric Fence?
    There are many types of fence on the market; and each type of yard fence serves it's pu...
  • Bear Activity This Fall

    Jenn Smith

    Posted on November 08 2019

    Bear Activity This Fall
    Bears may be wanderers; but when does anyone see them? They usually aren't sighted in w...
  • Bear Diet In Spring

    Jennifer Smith

    Posted on February 28 2019

    Bear Diet In Spring
    Bears wake up from hibernation as early as late February; but typically, they arise in ...
  • What Is Electric Poly Wire?

    Jennifer Smith

    Posted on August 28 2018

    What Is Electric Poly Wire?
    While browsing the baited electric fence kits, you may have noticed that the systems co...