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What Is Electric Poly Wire?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 28 2018

While browsing the baited electric fence kits, you may have noticed that the systems come with polywire; and silly enough, we never went above and beyond to explain who uses poly wire.

Poly wire is just one of three types of electrified wire on electric fencing. (The other two are called Poly Rope and Poly Tape - both great options for equine management.) Poly wire is used for deer management on gardens, bear control and can even serve as a farm fence for cattle and other slow-moving animals. Poly wire is cost-effective and can be used seasonally or as a secondary barrier around a garden in conjunction with a plastic or metal deer fence. The material is lightweight and easy to manage. Also, it will last at least 10 years - with proper care, of course. 

The electric fence kits are a great option for gardeners who have had enough damage from deer, bears and other wild animals.