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Bear Activity This Fall

Jenn Smith

Posted on November 08 2019

Bears may be wanderers; but when does anyone see them? They usually aren't sighted in wooded areas until summer when they come out to scout for food. In the fall, they become widely noticeable. 

Fall is when bear movement is active and hikers and pet owners are in high alert for bear sightings. In preparation for winter hibernation, bears will eat approximately 90 pounds of food per day - a diet ranging from grasses, fungi, berries fish, deer and even small pets. 

Bears are not ones to cause trouble unless they feel threatened. In the autumn months, hikers are advised to carry bear spray with them to protect themselves from potential bear attacks. If a bear encounters humans, it's best to stand tall and make lots of noise. Throw rocks, if necessary; but above all else, do not run!

While at home, bears can be rid with electric bear nets that can be placed around plants. Fencing in yards can be done using electric fencing and will keep bears away after one or two zaps. Electric fencing is the best bear deterrent product on the market for homeowners and will keep away other wildlife, as well.

Bear activity is strong in the fall. Protect gardens, pets and people from bear encounters this season.