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8' x 100' Steel Hex Fence Kits!

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 06 2020 is pleased to introduce the arrival of 8' x 100' Steel Hex Web Fence Kits With PVC - one of's bestselling metal deer fence types in the height needed for deer management on lawns and gardens.

Our virtually invisible steel hex web deer fence kits include everything that you will need to assemble a basic enclosure around your yard or garden. Use this metal deer fence enclosure kit to make a small garden fence, add to an existing fence, or combine this kit with another kit to create the installation that works best for you. Steel Hex provide maximum garden protection against deer, rabbits and other small critters that attempt to chew through traditional fences.

The 8' x 100' Steel Hex Web Fence Kits are available for sale now on Order today!