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Spotlight On Elk Fencing

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 14 2020

Elk are beautiful and graceful animals like their deer cousins; however, they cause millions of agricultural damage to farms and gardens each year while destroying the look of landscapes. An elk fence is recommended to keep away these type of large animals. Here's more information about elk fencing:

The UV-resistant polypropylene elk fence is durable, and will remain tough even after years in harsh weather. The rounded tensile black strands and small joints of the Elk and Large Animal Fence create the appearance of a virtually invisible deer fence from 35 feet away. The 1.06" by 1.46" grid size and black color of this fence will help you protect your garden without destroying its natural beauty. The Elk and Large Animal Fence has a certified breaking load of 1400 pounds and a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

Elk can be aggressive animals during the spring and fall months while eating all kinds of trees, shrubs and other plant-based foods that can be found on farms and gardens. It's best to block their movement with a 6 or 8' elk fence to keep away deer, elk and other large animals.