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Fence Kits For Deer & Rabbits

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 10 2020

White-tailed deer aren't always the problem. Generally, deer are only the majority of the problem for causing damage to plants in gardens with another portion of blame aiming towards rabbits. Here is the best fence type for home growers dealing with deer AND rabbit damage:

Looking into fence kits? Consider Max Strength Deer Fence With Rodent Protection Kits. These kits are available in 7.5' - 8' heights and come with a roll of plastic deer fence (for deer control) and Steel Hex Web fencing (for rabbit control) in addition to the fence parts needed to install a basic garden enclosure. The Steel Hex Web Fencing contains 1" x 1" mesh holes that will keep out small bunnies and even groundhogs from entering home gardens. It is also chew-resistant thanks to the PVC-coating surrounding the 20 gauge steel core.

Look into the maximum strength poly deer fence with rodent protection kit when considering fence options for gardens.