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PVC On Metal Fence

Jenn Smith

Posted on June 24 2020

There are many types of fence on the market that serve different purposes; and some are better suited for certain applications above others. Take chain-link fence, for example. This is a great dog fence for large dog breeds; but it does not serve well for deer fencing. A wooden fence may look great on properties and keep out nosy neighbors; but it will not protect livestock animals from escaping farms and pastures - you get the idea. So, when we examine metal fencing, we notice that some types of steel fence are coated with PVC. What's the purpose of the plastic-coating on the fence?

Having a metal fence with PVC-coating means that the fence will be weather-resistant. The plastic coating is UV-stabilized to protect the steel core from extreme heat and even snow. The PVC also acts as a secondary layer of protection against chewing animals such as deer, rabbits, coyotes, wolves and foxes. Without the plastic coating, the longevity and strength of the fence may suffer.

PVC-coating on metal fencing is important and should be considered when shopping for garden and chicken fencing. 

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