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When Are Elk Born?

Jenn Smith

Posted on June 25 2020

Love looking at baby animals? You are not alone; however, wildlife experts advise to stay clear of wild animals during summertime including deer and elk. Here's why.

Like deer, elk birthing season occurs in late spring-early summer. Elk calves come into the world weighing 30-40 pounds with white spots and can stand tall within 30 minutes of life! They will stay hidden from predatory animals for the first few days of birth - where they can rely on their mothers for food - then, they join elk herds in one week. (They develop quickly, don't they?) The spots fade after six months when they will develop a full brown coat. 

During the hot months of summer, elk herds will travel across lawns and gardens to find food; and they can become aggressive to both people and pets if they feel their young are threatened. If elk damage is a concern, consider installing an elk fence that is at least six feet tall - the height of an adult female elk. Elk fencing is the best way to manage elk on properties and avoid attacks on companion animals. 

Elk are beautiful and graceful creatures; but wildlife experts do recommend avoiding contact with them throughout the summer months during elk calving season.