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Secure Poultry On Farms

Jenn Smith

Posted on August 11 2020

Raising backyard chickens is trending in 2020 as more homeowners are looking for ways to become sustainable at home. Raising chickens is fun and can offer plenty of opportunities to produce eggs to make the best-tasting desserts and breakfast omelets. Securing poultry on farms and pastures is recommended to bird owners to prevent the flock from escaping or being attacked by predatory animals such as coyotes. 

Electric Poultry Netting

When electrified, this fence provides additional protection from coyotes and other predators. A fence charger, such as a 25-joule low impedance charger, is required to electrify the netting. Electric netting can be used to secure all types of farm animals including pigs and sheep on farms and pastures.

Steel Hexagonal Fencing

Hexagonal fence is pretty typical to see on chicken farms and can be used to keep out deer, rabbits, coyotes and other predatory animals.It is the more humane solution for securing backyard chickens; and is easy to set-up. This type of fence can be coated in PVC for added protection against chew marks and can last 20+ years outside. 


It is proven that free-roaming chickens are healthier and happier than caged chickens. Choose the type of fence that is best for securing flock.