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Animal Urine In Gardens

Jenn Smith

Posted on December 09 2019

Deer have caused enough agriculture damage in home gardens; and homeowners have had enough. So, they start researching the best deer management strategies to use to rid deer from landscapes; and what do they come across? Animal pee.

Wait, animal urine? But, why

Generally, homeowners use predator pee on yards because it is cost effective - more so than building a deer fence; however, there are downsides to just using animal pee on yards for deer resistance.

The idea of animal urine is that it creates the illusion that coyotes, wolves, and even foxes are around the premises. These are some of the greatest predatory animals to deer. As such, whitetails want to stay away from these types of wild animals. 

The problem with just using coyote urine or wolf urine is that they become less effective after excessive heat, snow or rain. They will weaken after 30 days causing more garden maintenance for homeowners - and of course, homeowners will need to remember when they last sprinkled the granular or liquid formula. 

Animal urine is a great secondary barrier around a deer fence. For homeowners that have a very light deer problem, it may be used for primary use; but be prepared to re-apply a few times each gardening season.