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April Showers Brings What?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 29 2019

As the sang goes, "April showers brings May flowers;" but you know what it also brings?

White-tailed deer.

The spring gardening season is in full-swing; and gardeners have started planting an array of bulbs, fruits and veggies. If growers aren't on the lookout for deer, they will find that deer have eaten all of their hard work. And, we can't really blame deer. After all, they need to eat; and home gardeners are practically inviting them to a buffet of options!

To rid deer from gardens, home growers will need to be proactive in deer management strategies in spring to prepare for the flurry of deer activity that will come in summer. The more rain that falls down, the better chance that plants will thrive this season (as we hope they do). 

Deer Management Tips

1. Install deer fencing that is at least 7.5 feet high. (primary barrier)

2. Grow flowers that deer do not like to eat or smell. (secondary barrier)

3. Sprinkle deer repellents and/or animal pee on the yard (third barrier)