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Autumn: More Deer, More Ticks

Jennifer Smith

Posted on October 16 2018

The fall season brings challenges for gardeners. The cooler weather makes it difficult to keep plants alive; and deer make it even harder to keep plants in the ground. Beside deer trying to eat home gardens, they bring other problems into homeowner's yards: ticks. 

While not all ticks are harmful, some carry Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases that can harm both humans and pets. Ticks, like deer, remain a year-long concern as they do not die in the cooler months. Instead, ticks will seek humans, pets, logs, leaves, and anything that can provide them with warmth, food and shelter. 

For tick prevention, homeowners need to install deer fencing around properties to keep away deer. Deer need to eat, too; but it doesn't have to be from home gardens (and we certainly don't want their ticks!). 

The fall season brings more deer, as they scout for food; and this means more ticks. Be 'tick smart' and check clothing and body parts for deer ticks after time outside. This includes pets.