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Beginners: Read Before Growing Hemp

Jenn Smith

Posted on October 09 2019

Growing hemp on small scale farms is not like growing fruits or vegetables. There are regulations; seed varieties to consider and other steps needed to ensure a healthy and bountiful crop. Here are the top things to consider for beginners trying to grow hemp at home. 

  1. Do your due diligence. Do you research and learn about regulations and how to grow outdoor hemp.
  2. Learn to test the crop and how to read hemp lab reports. 
  3. Understand the end user/processor. Why grow? Who will buy the hemp? What is its use?
  4. Understand risk and spend time with growers and processors. 
  5. Learn how to protect outdoor hemp crops from wildlife. There are different deer management techniques: deer fencing and trellis netting are common for farm management and in the drying process.

Hemp is a versatile cash crop that can grow year-round in almost every soil type. Learn the seed varieties and risks associated with growing hemp. Most importantly, have fun growing it!

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