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Beginning Gardening Mistakes

Jennifer Smith

Posted on October 04 2018

Starting a garden is fun and is a rewarding life-long experience. But, beginning gardeners can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the tasks of managing a garden. Here are top mistakes beginning gardeners make when starting a backyard garden. 

Buying Expensive Flowers To Start

Flowerbeds are expensive; and some trees, shrubs and bushes can be $30 at least. Do not be too ambitious during the first stages of gardening. 

Planting Flowers In the Wrong Spot

It's important to pay attention to labels. If your plants need direct sunlight, do not place them in areas with partial shade. Do not place plants closely together to discourage growth. 

Pulling Flowers Instead of Weeds

Some sprouting flowers can sometimes look like weeds. Do not be so quick to weed out flowers. 

Not Preparing Soil

Don't just dig a hole and drop the seeds into the ground. Prep the soil with fresh soil and compost to ensure that plants are well nourished. 


Don't over or under water plants. Watering plants help the roots spread and grow. Water plants in the early morning hours before the heat of the sun shines down on plants. 

Not Considering Wildlife Management

Deer are a year-round problem including bears, groundhogs, skunks and rabbits. Don't go without fencing for long; or you will lose all of your hard work. 

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