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Benefits Of Weld Wire Fence

Jenn Smith

Posted on November 18 2019

Welded Wire Fence is one of the strongest metal fence on the market for wildlife deterrence on lawns and gardens. Here are top reasons to buy weld wire fence with PVC on their properties.

1. It's aesthetically pleasing. Unlike chain-link fence, this type of metal fence will not stand out in gardens. Due to the different size mesh holes that are offered on welded wire fences, the fence structure is quite beautiful and looks attractive on yards. 

2. The fence is strong thanks to a 14 and 19 gauge steel core. Having PVC coating further protects the fence and adds longevity to the fence. Chain-link fences, in comparison, rust without PVC and make the fence look frail.

3. Speaking of longevity, the fence is a great choice for growers that don't want to replace fence every few years. Welded Wire Fencing lasts 20-30 years outside in all weather environments!

4. It is virtually invisible. The black color on the fence blends in with surroundings and will almost disappear before your eyes. This means the fence won't be an eyesore for homeowners or picky neighbors.

5. The fence is affordable and easy to manage. Compared to other types of metal fence that may require certified fence installation, this is a strong fence that can be installed by the homeowner (Do-it-yourself) saving money from not having to call a professional fence installer.