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Can Deer See My Fence?

Jenn Smith

Posted on January 13 2020

Homeowners are often surprised to walk outside to their gardens only to find that deer have rammed into their deer fence. Then, questions whirl through their minds: "Was the fence the right mesh?," "Was the fence strong enough?" or..."Can whitetails even see the fence?"

White-tailed deer have poor daytime vision - 20/100, in fact; and they have trouble seeing the black fence mesh color. This is partially why deer damage occurs in daytime hours. 

To help deer see the fence, homeowners are encouraged to add white deer flags to the middle of the fence. This action will help deer see that a structure is present and will discourage deer from running into the fence. Deer warning banners are white in color to symbolize a deer tail - hoisted up to announce danger.

White warning flags for deer fence are cost efficient and important to have on deer fence systems. They should not be placed at the top of deer fencing. Doing so will teach deer how tall they must jump.