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Can Ticks Survive the Cold?

Jenn Smith

Posted on October 21 2019

Ticks are most active in the warm months of the year when people are outside gardening, hiking or enjoying Mother Nature; however, just because the weather is cooling off, doesn't mean ticks are done wrecking havoc and spreading diseases such as Lyme Disease. 

As long as temperatures remain above freezing, ticks are capable of attaching themselves to the skin of wildlife, people and pets. Ticks are hard to identify in the autumn season as the leaves fall; but they are mostly found in grassy and wooded areas underneath logs and leaves where they can seek shelter and insulation. 

Outdoor enthusiasts are advised to wear long sleeves while gardening, camping or outside. They also should wear tick repellents with DEET to ward off ticks. 

Read tick prevention tips to learn how to remove a tick from the skin; and be on the lookout for ticks in fall and winter.