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CPW Use K-9 For Bear Training

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 21 2019

DENVER -- On Monday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted out a video of an orphaned bear cub being hazed by Samson, a member of its K-9 Program.

Samson is one of three dogs used by CPW to help re-introduce wildlife back into its natural habitat.

"The purpose is to provide hazing tactics to reinforce a bear's natural fear of humans," CPW said on Twitter.

As part of the training, the dog remains on the leash and there is no contact with the bear.

"The hope is that these bears associate humans with a place that they don’t want to be, so that way, in the future, they’re not going in trying to break into homes or get into people’s trash, looking for food," said Jason Clay with CPW.

CPW said the program is experimental.

The video was shot in the Rampart Range in Pike National Forest.

Re-posted from Fox News Denver, Written by Greg Nieto.