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Coyote Attacks Deer Video Captures

Jennifer Smith

Posted on November 06 2018

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - Home surveillance video captured a coyote attacking a deer on a family’s front yard in Vestavia Hills.

Now, the homeowner has a warning for his neighbors.

“It’s like National Geographic or Wild Kingdom right here in Vestavia," said homeowner Todd Strong.

“Right here is where the video showed it,” he said. “Right here in my driveway, which is about 20 yards from my front door.”

Strong lives on Dolly Ridge. He said he woke up Sunday morning with a dead deer in his yard.

It wasn’t until he played back his home surveillance video that he found out it wasn’t a car that hit the animal.

“I had been watching for an hour trying to see what actually happened. Then when I finally saw that on the video camera, I started screaming,” said Strong.

He said the size of the coyote is what concerned him the most.

“You can see in the video how big that coyote was,” he said. “It looks like a wolf! It was pretty big.”

Now, he wants his neighbors to be on the lookout.

“In this particular area of Dolly Ridge, we’ve already seen them. And then to see something that violent. I worry about, when we have a small pet, you can never let your pets out at night without watching them and being with them,” said Strong. “Or kids, or anything! It just seems to be pretty violent.”

We spoke with Vestavia Hills Animal Control.

Right now, they’re collecting addresses of coyote sightings.

They plan to have a trapper come out in the near future.

Story re-posted from WSFA12. Written by Catherine Patterson.


For coyote control, consider installing a steel fence with PVC-coating that is 6 feet high.