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Coyote Breeding Season Continues

Jennifer Smith

Posted on February 13 2019

In early winter, white-tails began mating season; and while gardeners were worried about them, they forgot about the other wildlife that were thinking about reproducing, as well. 

Coyote breeding season is in full swing, beginning in late January/early February and lasting until early March. The gestation period for coyote breeding averages between 58 to 63 days. What this means is that male coyotes (especially) will become more aggressive towards pets [and potentially humans]. This is not the right time of year to keep domestic animals outside on their own. 

Coyotes are nocturnal animals; and while uncommon, pet owners and home gardeners can see coyotes during the daytime seeking food. It is best to go outside with pets in the early morning hours while coyotes may be alert. Remember, coyotes will not say 'no' to indulging on small cats and dogs. 

To keep pets protected this winter into spring, consider installing a steel fence with PVC to block jumping attempts from coyotes.