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Coyote Spotting: What To Do

Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 28 2019

A coyote was climbing around in Central Park over the weekend, according to a woman who snapped a shot of the animal while she was on a nature walk near Belvedere Castle. Deborah Allen posted the photo on Twitter.

“When I realized it was a coyote,” she said, “I immediately took some photos. The coyote climbed up the rock below Belvedere Castle (Vista Rock) and disappeared from view. We weren’t able to see the coyote from Shakespeare Garden… [it] was inside the fenced construction area surrounding the castle. I think the reason the coyote appeared on the rock was that a couple of boys with fishing rods were inside the fenced area.”

The parks department reminded people to stay away from any coyotes they see and call 311 (unless it’s an emergency when they should call 911.