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Coyotes In the WinterTime

Jennifer Smith

Posted on December 06 2018

Homeowners, expect to see a pack of coyotes on properties this winter. And, yes, deer and small critters will still be problematic. 

Like humans, teenage coyotes think they know best; and tend to leave their parents to hunt for food such as rodents, insects, rabbits and the occasional pet. In November and December, coyotes will fend for themselves until January when they begin breeding season with lady coyotes. 

Coyotes tend to stay close to homes because that is where rodents tend to be. They generally will not attack humans unless they feel threatened - this is why humans should not trap coyotes in a corner. Instead, they should provide them with an escape route. 

Homeowners with pets should consider installing a metal fence for coyote management in areas with high levels of coyotes. Coyotes will soon be taking over lawns and gardens; and pets are at risk. A 6' foot high chew-proof fence is recommended to keep coyotes at bay this coming season.