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Deer Damage In Gardens

Jenn Smith

Posted on May 13 2020

Deer are the most complained about wild animal for gardeners and are considered to be enemy number one in their eyes. While growers agree that deer are beautiful and graceful creatures, they also feel that white-tailed deer are the most destructive to home gardens. While we know that deer need to eat, it always seems like it's from our gardens and not the neighbors - am I right? 

Deer damage in gardens is a year-round problem; however, it usually builds momentum in spring through summer when plants are abundant for deer browsing. If deer are not blocked, they will continue travelling through home properties as part of their migration path.

To block deer from entering onto home properties, home gardeners must be proactive in developing a deer management plan in spring that includes the installation of a 7.5' to 8' deer fence system. Deer fencing is the most effective means for deer control in gardens and will reduce the sight of deer ticks in yards during the warm months of the year - thus protecting family members and pets from the spread of tick diseases such as Lyme Disease!

There are over 40 million deer roaming throughout North America; and the problem isn't going away. Be proactive with implementing deer management strategies in spring and summer to keep Bambi and friends away.