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Deer Movement In Winter

Jenn Smith

Posted on December 02 2019

The seasons are about to change from cool to bitter cold; and winter brings challenges for gardeners. In general, gardeners are scurrying to warm plants and keep them alive for the next growing season; but they also must keep them away from wildlife that are desperate to eat. Let's study deer movement in winter.

In the fall, deer got by by eating fall crops from home gardens; twigs and leaves; but in the wintertime, natural resources are diminishing, and deer are left in a panic. While they hunt for food, deer hunters are out hunting for them; so, instead of moving further into wooded areas, they leave their homes to visit home landscapes. 

Deer Eating In Winter

During winter, deer will move quietly in the early morning or late evening hours to go undetected by deer chasers. Like rabbits, deer diet in winter will consist of greenery, leaves, buds, twigs, bark and remaining winter crops they find from growing sites. They will become less picky of the food types as the season progresses. 

Deer Management For Winter

Deer damage will continue to occur in the winter season as deer become more persistent to find foods. Gardeners are advised to install deer fencing around properties during this season in preparation for spring when planting, and blooming, are in full swing.