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Deer Wrapped In Barbed Wire

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 13 2019

"We have a group of deer that comes around all the time," said Jade Skaggs.

One of the most recent times he saw the deer herd, Skaggs noticed one had a wire wrapped around its chest.

"My guess is they were some barbed wire hanging on a fence post or something, it was trying to jump through the fence, and it just got snagged on it," Skaggs said. "I honestly don't know, though."

Skaggs called wildlife officials, who told him to keep an eye out for the deer.

"If we see it, give them a call right away and they will send someone out to try and locate the deer and see if they can help him," Skaggs said.

But until the deer reappears, Skaggs and other neighbors remain worried about its well-being.

"I wanted to know what I could do to help him," Skaggs told 11 News.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently asked the public to be more aware of things in their yards that could pose hazards to wildlife, such as certain kinds of fencing, sports nets and decorations. The warning came after a bobcat was caught in a soccer net last week.

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