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Digging Deer Reaching Gardens?

Jenn Smith

Posted on December 18 2019

Deer are a year-round nuisance; and even with a fence, homeowners wonder "How are they still getting in?" 

While height of deer fence matters (7.5-8 feet high for best results), accessories such as ground stakes can be the deciding factor of whether or not deer will get into a garden or stay out of the enclosed area.

Deer are sneaky; and they will try to dig or crawl underneath fences before attempting a jump. Therefore, fence installers are advised to use ground stakes to hold down fences. 

While trenching fences into the ground is an option for deer and rabbit damage prevention, using ground stakes is a sure-fire method to prevent deer from wiggling into gardens. This tactic is also used by pet owners to secure digging dogs in fence lines, as well. 

There are two types of ground stakes: Kinked and Rebar; and the type of fence stakes used will depend on ground type. If soil is rocky/clay like, use Rebar Ground Stakes; and if soil is soft, use Kinked Ground Stakes.

For best results, add ground stakes every five feet along fence lines.